WCM Conflicts Survey of Interests and Commitments

The WCM Conflicts of Interest and Commitment Policy requires all WCM faculty members and staff involved in research to report information about potential conflicts of interest.

The Conflicts Survey can be accessed through the WCM Weill Research Gateway. The survey asks two initial questions. One determines whether or not you have any financial interests which need to be disclosed and the second determines whether or not you are involved in any research at WCM. If you do not have any financial interests to disclose, then you will not need to answer any additional questions. If you have financial interests to disclose you will be required to answer the first two questions plus an additional set of questions for each entity with which you have a financial interest. For example, if you have financial interests in three different entities, you will be required to answer the additional set of questions for each of those entities.

If you are involved in research at WCM, your Conflicts Survey must be submitted prior to completing the Study Specific Report.

Click here to access information on completing a Study Specific Report.

If your external financial interests change, you must update your survey within thirty (30) days of your new relationship. The amendment process is completed by accessing the Weill Research Gateway (WRG) and updating the Conflicts Survey.

If you need further explanation about the Conflicts Survey, please contact the Conflicts Management Office at (646) 962-8200 or conflicts@med.cornell.edu.