Study Specific Report (SSR)

Completing a Study Specific Report (SSR)

A study specific report must be made with each new grant proposal and/or research protocol (both human and animal subjects) application. The purpose of the study specific disclosure is to determine - for each study - whether there is a financial interest that needs to be managed In addition, a new SSR must be completed at the time of protocol Continuing Review and/or grant renewal, and at any time thereafter- if a change in circumstances has occurred- since the project has begun. Please see below for guidance on disclosing interests within an Informed Consent Form (ICF).

Guidance for Conflicts of Interest in Informed Consent Form.

To complete a SSR, visit the Weill Research Gateway (WRG) and sign in with your WCM user name and password. If you have not yet created a Conflicts Survey you must do so first. Once your Conflicts Survey has been completed click on the button labeled "Edit/Submit Study Specific Report (SSR)." Please note: If you do not have a study specific conflict to report, you do not need to submit a SSR.

All investigators* and/or Key Personnel that are not WCM employees but are named on WCM proposals or protocols are considered External Investigators. External investigators must complete an External Non-WCM Study Specific Report. External Investigators can obtain an External Non-WCM Study Specific Report form by contacting the Conflicts Management Office at (646) 962-8200 or

* The term “investigator” refers to individuals identified by the Principal Investigator who regardless of title or position, have the ability to make independent decisions related to the design, conduct or reporting of the research. This includes but is not limited to post docs, co-principal investigators, research scientists, research associates, consultants, collaborators, and graduate students regardless of whether they are listed as key or non-key personnel, paid or non-paid

External Non-WCM Use Only

Study Specific Report (SSR) These forms are for EXTERNAL NON-WCM USE ONLY. Unlike WCM personnel, all external users must complete an external SSR regardless of whether or not they have any relationships to disclose.

External Non-WCM Use Only Adobe PDF