Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Forms

Download IBC Forms
Quick Guide to Conducting Human Gene Transfer Research at WCMC     Adobe PDF
Application for the Use of Recombinant DNA Molecules in Human Gene Transfer     Microsoft Word
Research Safety Checklist/IBC Registration    
The "Certificate of Registration for Use of Recombinant DNA or Transgenic Animals" has been replaced by the "Research Safety Checklist/IBC Registration," which allows you to obtain your required IBC approvals for all of your laboratory's rDNA and biohazard work at one time instead of on a per-project or per-grant basis. Follow the link on the right to download the "Research Safety Checklist/IBC Registration," follow all form instructions, and contact the IBC at or 646-962-8285 with questions about the IBC portion of the form.
Adobe PDF
Application for the Use of Biological Agents in Human Subjects Research     Microsoft Word
Biosafety Information
IBC Incident Reporting Policy     Adobe PDF
Research with Lentiviral Vectors at WCMC     Adobe PDF
Investigator Responsibilities Under the NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules     Adobe PDF