Institutional Review Board Fee

As of Monday June 1st 2009, industry-initiated and industry-sponsored agreements will be subject to an Institutional Review Board (IRB) annual renewal fee of $1000 and, if initiated by the sponsor, an IRB amendment fee of $500.


Similar to other top 20 research Colleges and Universities, Weill Cornell Medical College will implement an IRB annual renewal fee of $1000 and an IRB amendment fee of $500. These fees, along with the initial review fee, do not cover the actual costs of operating the IRB. The IRB will continue to be subsidized by the Dean's office through various funds and through indirect costs collected from research projects. This new fee will help decrease the financial burden of meeting the growing regulatory demands that exist in clinical research.

Fee Type Fee Amount Fee Required Exempt from Fee
IRB Initial Fee $2,000 unchanged Industry-initiated and industry sponsored Funded by private foundation, federal grant, or investigator-initiated
Annual Renewal Fee $1,000
Amendment Fee $500 As above and only sponsor-initiated



  • The investigator develops the budget normally, but now adds an additional line item "IRB Annual Renewal Fee" of $1000 and an "IRB Amendment Fee" of $500.
  • These fees are exempt from the calculation of indirect costs (F&A) and should be listed as separate invoiced items that are included in the total budget.
  • These fees are for new contracts. Executed contracts are excluded from these fees.


  • At the time of your renewal Research and Sponsored Programs (RASP) will invoice the sponsor for the annual renewal fee.
  • At the time of a sponsor-initiated amendment, RASP will invoice the sponsor for the amendment fee.

Check Deposit

  • Checks received for IRB fees that are invoiced by RASP will be routed through the Office of Clinical Trials Administration. The investigator will receive scanned copies of the checks and the accompanying receipt transmittal forms (RTFs). Checks for these fees that are inadvertently sent to the investigator should be forwarded via interoffice mail to Box 305
  • Actual costs of the review are still incurred and therefore must be paid even if subjects are never enrolled, the study closes before milestones are met, expenditures exceed revenue, or a contract is never finalized.

Please Note: This renewal fee is independent of any department administrative fee that may be required to pay for time, effort and supplies while working on IRB material. If your protocol budget exceeds the institutional IRB rate, only the institutional portion will be transferred into the IRB account.